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appointment cancellation policy

Additional Fees & Appointment Cancellation Policy

Although we try to not add any additional costs to your orthodontic treatment, we need to inform you that there may be additional charges for the following:

  • More than 3 broken brackets or Invisalign aligners, a $75 fee will be assessed per bracket and aligners

  • Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or “no shows” will have a $100 fee assessed to their account

  • Additional treatment due to lack of retainer wear will incur additional monthly fees. Additional treatment time due to lack of compliance or missed appointments will incur additional monthly fees

  • Replacement retainers or additional retainers will incur additional laboratory charges of $300 per retainer

  • The cost of routine dental care (eg. dental check-ups, cleanings, fluoride or other preventive, restorative, speech therapy, cosmetic procedures or extractions) is not included in the orthodontic treatment fee.

  • Accounts turned over for collection: The undersigned will also be responsible for all costs of collection including reasonable legal fees, court costs, accrued interest and all other costs of collection.

  • In the event a patient terminates and/or transfers their treatment out of the office prior to completion of treatment for any reason, the remaining prorated portion of the fee will be due and payable to our office. This is determined effective the date the practice is notified of termination or transfer in writing.

  • Treatment may also be suspended or discounted by the orthodontist prior to completion as a result of, but not limited to: MULTIPLE MISSED APPOINTMENTS, LACK OF COOPERATION WHEN, IN THE OPINION OF THE ORTHODONTIST, THE CONTINUATION OF THE TREATMENT WOULD YIELD NO POSITIVE BENEFITS TO THE PATIENT, or NON-PAYMENT OF THE FEES DESCRIBED ABOVE. If treatment is discontinued by the Practice, the orthodontist will, for up to 30 days, monitor the patient while other arrangements for the continuation of treatment are made.

  • FOR INVISALIGN PATIENTS: Aligners take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to arrive from the date of your scan. In the event of non-compliance with aligner wear or if dental work is done in the middle of treatment causing aligners not to fit, fees for a new scan may apply.

  • FOR INVISALIGN PATIENTS: If you request to switch from Invisalign to traditional braces for whatever reason, there will be an additional charge. Please ask our office staff.

  • FOR BRACES PATIENTS: If you request to switch from traditional braces to Invisalign for whatever reason, there will be an additional charge. Please ask our office staff.

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