What to expect when you come to your appointment

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Welcome Back!

When you come to our office, please be aware that we will ask you questions about your health and take your temperature at the entrance. If you feel sick or have had contact with a person who may have COVID-19, we ask that you do not come in. We ask all patients to wear their own mask if you come to our office for an appointment. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one. We’re taking these steps so that we can help protect other patients and our staff. This reduces the chances of us coming into into contact with others who not yet display symptoms of COVID-19.

We appreciate your understanding.

When we return to normalcy, it will most likely be a gradual process. Patients with more urgently pressing appointments would be scheduled first, such as braces removal, repair, and bonding, etc. Appointment that require running a hand piece will be scheduled altogether in one day, and reduce the chance of cross contamination of aerosol. It will also be scheduled at the end of the week so that the aerosol will dissipate during the weekend. Rest assured that we have your health and safety in mind and we will reduce the patient flow simultaneously in treatment area to maintain social distancing. In between patients, proper amount of time is planned so our clinical staff may adhere to strict disinfecting protocol.

A few measures that you would start to experience are as follows:

  • An email questionnaire to ensure a visit is safe for yourself and others
  • Have you had a temperature in the past 24hours?
  • Have you travelled abroad in the past 10days?
  • Have you attended gathering greater than 10 people in the past 10days?
  • Please reminder to brush your teeth thoroughly at home as there is no use of our communal sink
  • Temporarily there is no parent or guardian in the reception area. Please stay in the car until we call or text you
  • No food or drinks in reception area to reduce after-hour cleaning required
  • 6ft marking of where to stand and selective seatings to maintain social distancing

We miss our patients and can’t wait to see each one of you soon! Until then, take good care!

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