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Metal Braces

What are Metal Braces?

Traditional braces consist of standard metal brackets that are placed on your teeth with an adhesive and connected by wire. They require periodic tightening every 4-6 weeks so steady pressure can gradually straighten your teeth and align your jaw.

Why choose Us?

Light, gentle forces lead to a beautiful smile…

Braces exert a continuous light force on the teeth which helps guide each tooth to its new position. During appointments at our office, the archwires may be replaced with new ones in order to maintain adequate force on the teeth.

Metal braces are made for all ages

Metal braces are a popular option, primarily because they are durable and patients love to choose from our wide range of colors to create new color combinations and patterns to add a little fun and excitement to their braces.

Metal braces are comfortable

Recent improvements in traditional braces have made them smaller, stronger and less noticeable.

What do metal braces consist of?

  • Brackets - Brackets are glued to the teeth with a special type of glue that bonds them to the surface of the tooth and firmly holds them in place. There is a mechanical and chemical bond that actually takes place.

  • Archwire - An archwire is a thin metal wire that is attached to each bracket connecting them to one another. This helps to keep braces in place while exerting pressure on the teeth to help move them into their ideal positions.

  • Ligature ties or O-ties - Ligature ties are colorful ties that help attach and hold the archwires to the brackets.


Metal braces work better for complex orthodontic cases.

While aligner technology has advanced in recent years, aligners still aren’t a treatment option for everyone. Metal braces can treat a wider range of orthodontic issues.

Metal braces are not removable like aligners.

This is a positive because it means that they’re working all day, every day to straighten your teeth. Invisible plastic aligners only work when you’re wearing them. Patients who don’t wear them as directed have lengthened treatment times.

Metal braces are stronger.

Metal braces are made with stainless steel, which means they’re more durable than braces with ceramic brackets or clear plastic aligners.

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