Grin Remote Monitoring

Here at Shin Orthodontics, we strive to simplify and streamline your orthodontic experience. You can use Grin® Remote Monitoring to get in touch with Dr. Shin whenever you want, wherever you are.

Track Your Smile Progress Using Your Phone

Dr. Shin is dedicated to designing stunning smiles in the most time and effort-efficient manner possible. For this reason, we are pleased to provide our patients who wear clear aligners with the Grin® remote monitoring system. Grin is an app that allows you to take rapid scans of your teeth and email them to Dr. Shin no matter where you are. After that, we’ll look over your scans and communicate with you through the app with our findings. Grin reduces the number of in-person checkups while keeping your orthodontic professional informed about the progress being made with your clear aligners. Getting a designer grin couldn’t be easier!

What Is Remote Monitoring with Grin?

When you’re using Invisalign®, Grin enables us to offer virtual orthodontic check-ups throughout your treatment. For orthodontist-ready scans of your teeth, all you need is a smartphone, the Grin app, the Grin mouthpiece, and 60 seconds. Dr. Shin will review your scans through our Grin portal and reply to your message through the app with an evaluation after reviewing them. Get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted under the watchful eye of your orthodontist, all without having to spend time in a dental chair.

The Grin Remote Monitoring System: How Does It Work?

We’ll provide personal access to the Grin app as well as the reusable mouthpiece to attach to your phone.

The frequency of your check-ins will be communicated to you by Dr. Shin. It usually happens once per week.

You will use the mouthpiece and your phone’s camera to take dental scans for your remote check-ins, then upload the scans using the app.

On our Grin software, your orthodontist in Rockville and Potomac will analyse and review your scans, comparing them to earlier scans and monitoring your progress in real time.

If revisions are necessary, Dr. Shin will inform you via a secure, HIPAA-compliant message sent through the Grin app as to whether your planned tooth motions are on track or not. We can also advise you on when to switch to your next set of clear aligner trays or how long you should wear your current set of aligners.